Q. What is Eliquid?

A. Eliquid is the solution used in an electronic cigarette to produce its vapour, flavour, and in some cases “throat hit” (Throat hit is a term used to describe the bite in your throat produced by nicotine eliquid vapour.)

Q. What Ingredients are in Eliquid?

A. Eliquid recipes vary from one company to the next however all contain the same types of ingredients.  
Eliquid starts with a base, which is the part used to create the vapour produced. The base of an eliquid is made from a mixture of propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin.
Water soluble, natural and artificial flavouring ingredients are added to the eliquid base to create the variety of flavours we offer.
Some eliquids may also contain small amounts of food grade alcohol, and or distilled water.

Q. What is Propylene Glycol?

A. Propylene Glycol is a food grade chemical used in a large number of applications as an additive in cosmetic, medicine, and food products.
Propylene glycol is used in many food products as a flavouring carrier. Propylene glycol is non toxic, and is also found in many food products including food colourings, flavourings, and snow cones.
Propylene glycol has a slight irritating effect when inhaled. This effect is used to better mimic the irritation caused by inhaling tobacco smoke.
Please Note: Some individuals are allergic, or intolerant to propylene glycol. Common indications of a reaction to propylene glycol may be a warm, tingly, or burning sensation in your mouth or tongue. If you experience any side effects of this sort we suggest speaking to a medical professional or trying a predominantly vegetable glycerin based e-liquid. 

Q. What is Vegetable Glycerin?

A. Vegetable Glycerin is similar to propylene glycol, although thicker, and with a sweeter taste. Vegetable glycerin is also much smoother when inhaled than propylene glycol.
When used on its own, Vegetable Glycerin is very thick, and often difficult to absorb into your cartridge, or cartomizer.
Please Note: Some individuals are allergic, or intolerant to vegetable glycerin. Common indications of a reaction to vegetable glycerin may include a heavy feeling of phlegm, or liquid build-up in your lungs, or irritation in your throat, lungs or mouth. If you experience any side effects of this sort we suggest speaking to a medical professional or trying a predominantly propylene glycol based e-liquid.

Q. How Much Propylene Glycol & Glycerin are in Flavour Crafters E-liquids?

A. Our commercial blend contains roughly 70% food grade propylene glycol, and 30% vegetable glycerin. This ratio is the best choice for the average user, it has an excellent throat hit while still maintaining a smoothness and vapour production lacking in glycerin eliquids.
Our commercial 70/30 blend of pg and vg is works exceptionally well in most tank, cartomizers, and atomizers devices without any of the wicking problems experienced with most vg based eliquids.
70/30 eliquid blends are generally preferable for individuals with slight intolerance to vegetable glycerin.
Our new reduced PG e-liquid line contains under 20% propylene glycol, and 70% vegetable glycerin. Unlike most predominantly vegetable glycerin eliquids which are too thick to properly vape, we've thinned the consistency of our 70% VG line to ensure it functions properly in your devices.
Our 70% VG eliquid line is our recommendation for anyone who would prefer a mostly vg eliquid.

Q. What is Diacetyl?

A. Diacetyl (2,3-Butanedione) is a flavouring ingredient which is commonly used in food products and naturally occurs in many types of alcohol. Diacetyl has a buttery flavour, and is commonly added to oil based butter substitutes, and microwave popcorn.
Studies in recent years have shown that exposure to the vapor created when diacetyl is heated can increase the risk of bronchiolitis obliterans which is a very serious lung disease.
Due to the risks associated with the use of Diacetyl containing flavouring ingredients we test random batches to ensure that all flavourings used in our premium eliquids are free of this potentially harmful chemical.

Q. What is Acetyl Propionyl?

A. Acetyl Propionyl (2,3-Pentanedione) is a flavouring ingredient that has been used by flavouring manufacturers to replace Diacetyl in hopes to avoid the potential risks associated with Diacetyl. However, Acetyl Propionyl is a ketone with similar structural properties to Diacetyl and thus is likely to share its toxicity as well.
For that reason, we treat Acetyl Propionyl no differently than we do Diacetyl. We test for Acetyl Propionyl and make every effort to eliminate it from our E-liquids.

Q. What is Acetoin?

A. Acetoin is a flavouring ingredient used in Flavourings that is used in the food industry to create a buttery flavour. There has been no evidence shown that Acetoin, in and of itself poses any inhalation risk. However, during the manufacturing process the final Acetoin product may contain trace levels of Diacetyl. So while Acetoin itself is not of concern, Flavourings that contain Acetoin should be tested for Diacetyl. In our testing protocols, we test for both Acetoin and Diacetyl.


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