How it Works

The Yocan Evolve Plus XL works exactly like most wax pens, although it does have a couple extra features that make it more appealing than your run of the mill option. The base of this contains the 1400mAh battery, and there is just one button for turning it on and engaging the coils. You can’t adjust the temperature or power.

There are five parts that sit on top of the base. The first is a piece that seems to do nothing more than add the option to carry this with a lanyard. After that the atomizer base screws into the battery, then the actual atomizer/coils screws into that. There is a “coil cap” that screws into the top of the atomizer, then a magnetic mouthpiece that sits over top.


The atomizer base offers airflow control and the atomizer has a total of four coils inside. Talk about a lot of coils!

Temperature Flexibility

This doesn’t offer any temperature flexibility at all. It’s either on or off, and that’s it. I couldn’t find any details about whether or not the power output is regulated or not, or even what the resistance of the coils is.

Using it suggests the voltage output varies with charge level, meaning you should avoid discharging the battery too low or performance will suffer.


Vapor Quality

The vapor quality is good, although it seems to be designed mostly for people who want hard-hitting vapor. The triple quartz rod atomizer combined with the top two power settings is beastly, although I personally found it too harsh to be enjoyable.

I prefer cooler draws with better flavor, but the K-Box doesn’t really come designed to do that well. It’s not that the flavor is bad, it just feels like the lower voltage draws on the triple coil are simply underpowered – not actually optimized for flavor and smoothness, if that makes sense.

The airflow adjustment is nice in theory, but I preferred leaving it wide open so I didn’t make any use of it in practice. You may enjoy it if you like a more restricted draw.

Manufacturing Quality

The manufacturing quality is average. There’s a lot to like here, but the coil design brings the enjoyability of the entire device down a few levels.

It seems like there was more focus put on the ability to market a four coil atomizer than actually making a good vaporizer.

From what I can tell, there is only the one type of atomizer/coils that will work in this too.


\Battery Life

The battery life is good. The 1400mAh capacity seems to last a little over a day with moderate use. If you are a heavy user, you’ll find yourself charging it at least once.

If you only plan on occasional use (once a day or less), this could last you several days to a week.


The portability is good. There are smaller options out there, but there’s a direct correlation between size and battery life – especially with pen-style units.

The silicone storage area on the bottom of this is nice because that’s one less thing you have to carry, although you’ll still need some type of applicator tool.

If you ever feel like carrying your vaporizer on a lanyard for some reason, you have that option to



The discreetness of this is average. It’s on the bigger side for a wax pen, but it’s still small enough that you should be able to conceal it.

If you do get your wax applied so it’s in contact with all four coils, you’ll have a decent amount of visible vapor to exhale – which isn’t a good thing if you don’t want people to notice what you are doing.

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Vendor: Yocan


Evolve plus XL