Vapor Flask by VaporShark® DNA 40

The ergonomic design and impressive performance of Vapor Flask have made this unique mod a favorite amongst vapers. Now Vapor Flask and VaporShark® have worked together to redesign this mod from the ground up. We are very proud to present Vapor Flask by VaporShark®! In typical VaporShark® fashion, new and innovative features have been added to take this dual battery mod to the next level. Improved features include a large screen with stealthy dimmable idle screen capability. The new rubberized finish adds a modern look and comfortable feel. Additionally, the days of waiting hours upon hours for your device to charge are over. Zip Charging has been added to decrease charging time by a whopping 350%. Vapor Flask by VaporShark® is innovation at its finest. When two industry leaders come together the result is nothing short of amazing.


Oxidized Matte Black
Rubberized Finish
Zip Charging
Requires 2 18650 batteries to operate
Constructed from Solid 6061 Aluminum
Variable Wattage Device
Stainless Steel 510 Connector
Custom Milled Aluminum Buttons
Micro USB Charger
Pass-Through Capability
Ergonomic Design
Top Mounted OLED Display
22mm Profile

Evolv DNA 40 Specifications

Power Regulated Digital Switch-Mode DC-DC Converter
Wattage Control
Temperature Protection
Step Up/Step Down Topology
Digital User Controls
Synchronous Rectification for Maximum Battery Life and Minimal Heat Generation
Output Power: 1 - 40 Watts
Output Voltage: 1 - 9.0 Volts
Output Current: 16.0 Amps Max
Atomizer Resistance, Standard Wire: 0.16 Ohm Min (0.7 Ohm Typical) up to 2.0 Ohms Max
Atomizer Resistance, Temperature Sensing Wire, Cold: 0.10 Ohm Min (0.4 Ohm Typical) up to 1.0 Ohm Max
Input Voltage: 3.1 - 4.3 Volts
Input Current: 0.5 - 16 Amps

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Vendor: Vapor Shark